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"I love Whisbear the most!" - Ingrid Roznovakova's review

"I love Whisbear the most!" -  Ingrid Roznovakova's review

Ingrid Roznovakova is a maternity nurse, postnatal infant care practitioner and sleep consultant working mainly with twins. She is using our Whisbear and thinks he is the best. Read the review to find out.

Working with infants as a postnatal care practitioner I learned that babies do like noise, especially white noise. I have tested Whisbear on my charges, twin babies. Whisbear is actually a pink noise which is even softer than white noise. The twins loved it immediately, especially the baby with reflux. The pink noise is very soothing for them and it sends them off into a deep sleep.

Have also used the Ewan the Sheep before and comparing both, Whisbear is the winner. Ewan the Sheep hasn’t got a sensor nor an on and off button and the white noise switches off after a short while. I love Whisbear the most!

I’ve been using the Whisbear since then constantly and I find that the sound is very calming. The sensor is also brilliant as it lasts 20 mins which helps to mask any other noises. Whisbear switches on and the babies immediately react to it.

It is also small and light which enables you to carry it with you anywhere. It has a great shape and it’s easy to attach as the legs have magnets in it. The legs also have vibrant colours and crinkly parts and it can be used as a soft toy too. It has an adjustable volume and more importantly the sleep sensor actives when babies start to stir.

It has been a pleasure to test Whisbear! I’m a believer in white and pink noise and would recommend It to every new baby and mum!


Ingrid Roznovakova

Ingrid Roznovakova is a maternity nurse, postnatal infant care practitioner and works mainly with twins. She also works as a consultant when it comes to sleep, routine and feeding for babies under 6 months. She runs her own company called Little Stars Maternity Services, phone 07590672525. 


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