Must-haves for Babies by Sonia Haira&The Telegraph

Must-haves for Babies by Sonia Haira&The Telegraph

Becoming a parent can be really overwhelming, also when it comes to stocking up for the new Baby. Prams, blankets, potties, toys, baths, muslins, first dolls and first bears. The list is just endless.  As a new mum, dad, grandparent, uncle or auntie, all you want to do is to make sure you pick the best product available. And here The Telegraph and their beauty director and new mum Sonia Haria comes up with some ideas, including Whisbear as your best sleep aid choice.

I didn’t want to get caught up in buying lots of unnecessary tat, quite honestly. But, that aside, so many of these 'newborn essentials' were garish and clunky.

Now, I’m not one to suggest that you hamper your infant's development with strict Swedish levels of minimalism. And there's no need to Marie Kondo the pram just yet. But, I reasoned, there must be products out there that have the holy grail of impending parenthood: rave reviews and good looks.

They do exist. So here’s my list of the best products I found - headache solved.

You can read Sonia’s full article here →
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