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Whis Upon a Bear – Emma Gawne’s Review

Whis Upon a Bear – Emma Gawne’s Review

Emma Gawne is a mother of two and an experienced baby and child sleep expert. As she admits, she is not a massive believer of buying hundreds of fancy baby products but she decided to make an exception for Whisbear. In her review, written especially for our blog, she explains why.

There are very few gadgets or toys that I would insist my friends must have but it goes without saying that the Whisbear would be top of my list.

I have to be honest, I bought our Whisbear on a bit of a whim as I was really keen to have something I could play to my daughter in her cot in the hope it would calm her and help her sleep.

When she arrived home from hospital last April he was there waiting for her and now nearly 15 months later we haven’t had a single night without him! 
In the words of my son, “this bear helps us sleep mummy” and to be honest he is absolutely right! 

The Whisbear is a miracle worker and has helped soothe my tearful daughter on many occasions sending her back into a peaceful sleep.
Not only does the sound he plays resemble that of the womb ensuring that your new baby feels safe and secure hours after they arrive in the world - he is also a genius as he is able to sense when your baby cries in the middle of the night and he kicks in with his soothing tones.

As a tired sleep deprived mother there was nothing better than knowing once my baby was fed - the Whisbear would do his job of helping lull her back into the restorative sleep that she had woken from.

Even now and despite the fact she is not feeding in the night on the rare occasion when she does wake between sleep cycles - Whisbear works his magic and calmly sends her back to sleep.

A little bear who without our nights would be empty.

Emma Gawne is a mother of two and an experienced baby and child sleep expert. She specialises in bringing in a flexible and loving routine into families lives enabling them and their children to enjoy the gift of sleep and wellbeing. 

You can find her on Instagram "helpbabysleep" and she is contactable on 07899955647.

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