FAQ - App

1. Which phones does the app work on?
The app works on two platforms – Android and iOS.
The supported Android versions are 4.4-8.0.
The supported iOS versions are 9-12.

On devices with other versions of the software, the app may not work properly.

An additional criterion for effective connection with the humming device is that the Bluetooth module on your phone should support communication with Bluetooth versions 4.2 and above.

2. How do I connect with the humming device?

Connection occurs automatically: the humming device just needs to be charged and you need to have Bluetooth activated on your phone.

3. How can I search for more than one humming device?
If you have more than one humming device, it’s best to remove the batteries from all of them apart from the one you want to connect with. If you have only one device, but the app is ‘seeing’ more of them, move to another spot and try again; maybe your neighbour is registering on our app at the same time!

4. I get the message “Your E-zzy the Sloth already exists in the database”

This message means that the Sloth/humming device is already linked to another account and is currently blocked. This might happen, for example, if you bought the device second hand.

5. The device isn’t connecting with my phone
Connecting a phone with the device requires an active and functional Bluetooth module on your phone. The Bluetooth module in the humming device works with Bluetooth versions 4.2 and above, so your phone should support at least Bluetooth version 4.2.

The connection of the phone with the humming device takes place via the Whisbear mobile app, not via the Bluetooth settings of the phone. The app initiates registration, followed by searching for and pairing with the humming device.

Alternatively, the humming device’s failure to connect to your phone may be due to the humming device being connected to another account. Each humming device can be connected to only one phone at a time. The use of the Bluetooth module allows for one-to-one connection, meaning that if one person is connected to a humming device, it will not be visible to other people.

A humming device is added to an account via the app. However, it should be remembered that once a device has been assigned to one account, it becomes ‘occupied’ and cannot be linked to another account at the same time. The exception to this is the ‘Share account’ feature, which allows you to link a single humming device with several user accounts. First, create one account and associate it with the humming device, then locate the ‘Share account’ feature in the app and enter the email addresses for the other users, who will then be able to connect to the humming device.

6. Registration/logging in

Log in
To log in, you need to enter a username and password. This applies to users who are already registered. If you forget your password, you have the option to reset it.

When you first log in, the first step is to add an E-zzy the Sloth or enter ‘without-Sloth mode’. To search for a Sloth, you need an active Bluetooth module on your phone. After you find your Sloth, you can:
give it a name,
add a picture,
associate it with a child (optional) – for a new child’s profile you need to provide:
the child’s name,
a photo,
the child’s gender,
their date of birth,
their weight and length at birth
After correct configuration, you need to assign a password to your E-zzy the Sloth. You can then use the tutorial mode, or skip it and start using the app.

When you next log in, you will be directed immediately to the Sloth management screen.

To register, you need to enter a username and password (twice). You then need to accept the terms of use. A screen appears confirming your registration. You will receive an email containing an activation link; click on the link to activate your account. You can then log in (step 1).

The ‘Log in with Facebook’ or ‘Continue with Facebook’ button allows you to use your Facebook account to log in to the Whisbear app. Your app account is created ‘behind the scenes’. Following authentication via the Facebook app, you can start using the Whisbear app. The username for your account is the email address used for your Facebook app, and the password is assigned at random. In order to log in using the ‘Log in’ button, you need to change the password in the ‘My profile’ settings, then log in using the ‘Log in’ button – your username is the email address used for your Facebook account and the password is the one we assigned you.

7. How can I protect my device from being stolen?
You set up your unique 8-digit password in the app – without this, nobody will be able to connect to your device until you choose to remove your E-zzy the Sloth from the app. Removing E-zzy the Sloth from the app removes the assigned password so that someone else can connect to E-zzy.

8. Will other people be able to connect to my humming device?
No. The humming device can only be managed from the accounts to which it is assigned – your account and any shared accounts. You can share the account by going to Extras > Share account.

9. How many accounts can I connect to my E-zzy the Sloth?
Shared accounts allow you to add up to 3 accounts, with your account being one of them.

10. I haven’t received an activation email

Check that the email hasn’t ended up in your spam folder. If you are still unable to activate your account, contact us and include the address you used to set up your account.

11. How can I connect the device to a different child’s profile?
Go to Extras > E-zzy > Disconnect child’s profile > Connect child’s profile; select the child currently using the Sloth and save changes in the upper right-hand corner. The statistics collected depend on which child is connected to the Sloth.

12. How does ECO mode work?
ECO mode has two main functions. It always reduces the humming volume to a maximum of 50% and the humming time to a maximum of 25 minutes. In addition, when CRYsensor is enabled, ECO mode reduces the frequency of the spectral analysis to save the batteries.

13. How accurate are the battery indicators?
You are advised to use NiMH batteries. The accuracy of the battery indicators varies depending on the discharge characteristics of the specific battery model. The app connected to the device will inform you when the batteries reach about 20% and about 10%.

When the batteries are close to running out, the device will not begin humming – instead, it will emit a sound indicating that it needs to be connected to a power supply.

14. How many children’s profiles can I add to the app?
There are no restrictions on the number of children’s profiles you can add.

15. Why aren’t the statistics synchronising automatically?

The statistics collected by the humming device are sent to the app every time it is connected via Bluetooth. The data is then sent to the server and, once it has been processed, the statistics are displayed in the app.

16. What does ‘update firmware’ mean?
Firmware updating offers the option to update the humming device’s software. It is important to ensure that the phone battery and the humming device batteries are charged before you proceed with the update. The update process takes a few minutes and is divided into two stages. During the update, a message may be displayed prompting you to disconnect the humming device. Close the message and wait for the update to finish.

Updates enable us to respond to your suggestions regarding the operation of the device.

17. I want to sell my E-zzy the Sloth – what should I do?
Go to Extras > E-zzy > Disconnect child’s profile > Delete your E-zzy the Sloth from the app. This enables the new owner to link the Sloth with their account.

18. How can I manage the humming device from different accounts?
Go to Extras > Share account, then enter the email address of the person you want to invite to manage your device. This person will need to accept the invitation they receive by email. In the next email, they will find a password that allows them to log in to the app.

19. How does account sharing work?
Account sharing is a feature that allows you to manage a humming device from several accounts. First, create an account and associate it with the humming device, then locate the ‘Share account’ feature in the app and enter the email addresses for the other users, who will then be able to connect to the humming device. The accounts are equal and have the same permissions. The entered addresses cannot be addresses that are already being used in the app.

20. Can I use regular AAA batteries?

You cannot use AAA batteries in the humming device – doing so may damage the device. The device is configured to use NiMH batteries with a voltage of 1.2V.

21. How do I enable/disable notifications from the app?
You can enable/disable app notifications via the system notification settings on your phone.

22. How do I enable/disable the location?
You can restrict access to the location in the app and location access system settings.

23. Can I manage more than one device?
From a single account, you can only manage the device that is connected to it. If you have more than one humming device, you need to set up a separate account for each device. In the future, we will enable the management of multiple devices from a single account.

24. How many devices can I connect to one account?

Currently, you can assign a maximum of one device to your account. In the future, there will be more products to support you in raising your child.

25. I purchased a second-hand E-zzy the Sloth, but I can’t connect with it/the product is already in the database

It appears that the seller has not disconnected the Sloth from their account. Contact us at app.whisbear@whisbear.com, providing the email address that the previous owner used for their account. Contact the previous owner, asking them to disconnect the Sloth from their account (see point 17: ‘I want to sell my E-zzy the Sloth’).

26. How can I change the language of the app?
The language of the app depends on the language settings on your phone.

Phone language - Polish; App language - Polish
Phone language - French; App language - French
Phone language - American English; App language - American English
Phone language - other; App language - English

27. Why don’t the batteries fit into the compartment?
Batteries from different manufacturers may have different physical dimensions which deviate from the dimensions given in the specifications (+/- 2-3 mm). As a rule, the physical size of the battery varies depending on its capacity. If the batteries you have purchased don’t fit easily into the compartment, try batteries from a different manufacturer.

We recommend using NiMH 1.2V batteries with a capacity of 900 mAh. Different battery capacities are also acceptable. Remember that the battery capacity has a direct impact on the working time of the device.

28. How is E-zzy the Sloth protected?

The Sloth is protected via the password you set when adding your humming device to your account. This password means that nobody except you and your chosen family members will be able to connect to your E-zzy the Sloth. The password is always made up of 8 numbers. If you forget your password, you can receive a reminder.

29. I can’t enter data in the app

The app can work both online and offline. Online mode requires an internet connection and allows you to enter data in the app – updating the calendar, for example. In addition, updates on advice, system events and news are enabled. You can manage the humming device in offline mode. This works via the Bluetooth network, which does not affect the operation of the app.
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